On first entry to The Hadrian Lodge there is an initial one-off fee of £50 which covers administration. In addition, every year in October members pay an annual subscription (currently £180) which covers membership and the administrative cost of running the Lodge. If you join during the year, the initial subscription is calculated on a pro-rata basis. After some months, an apron will need to be purchased and this can cost approximately £20 on eBay.

It is usual to have a meal after each of our meetings, but it is not compulsory. The current cost of the meal is £18, five times a year and £20 once a year for the meal following the Installation of the new Worshipful Master of the Lodge in November.

In addition, members are invited to give to charity but this should always be within their means and it is entirely up to the individual how much they wish to contribute. It should always be without detriment to the member’s other responsibilities.