Historically, Freemasonry is one the oldest non-religious, non-political fraternal organisations in the world. Political and religious discussion is strictly forbidden in Lodge, we meet as Brothers, on equal terms, whatever your station in life may be.

Our quest is no more than to encourage men to discover their true potential, to cultivate and enhance their talents, and then to put those attributes to work, not only for their own benefit, but for the good of mankind in general.

The answer to the question, “what is Freemasonry” is simple, it is about you, the individual, it is about you becoming the best you can be, a confident, assured person, who conducts himself with integrity, honesty and humility.

You can approach any Mason to find out more of what we do. If you decided to join, then the Brother you approached would become your proposer. It will be his duty to guide you through the process of becoming a member. If at any time he’s not available, then any other experienced Brother will always be there to answer your questions, give guidance, and help you along. Helping others is part of being a Mason.

You may have heard of strange rituals and practices, and indeed we do perform ritual, or “Morality Plays” if you like. Our Ceremonies will, at first confuse. I doubt there has been an Initiate into Freemasonry who, on the night of his Initiation, hasn’t afterwards sat at home and thought “what on earth was all that about”The three Degrees of Craft Freemasonry are performed with you as the central character, as you progress in Freemasonry, these Ceremonies will gradually reveal or “unfold” they’re message but, you will never stop learning from them.

Right from its earliest beginnings Freemasonry has had a strong charitable foundation, you may be surprised to learn that Freemasonry is the third largest benefactor in the UK. Not only do we support many National and Local Charities, but also give financial aid to disaster areas anywhere in the world, we give funding for UK Medical research, and more, right through to funding for gifted young athlete’s or musicians. As a Brotherhood, bonded together as we are, we quietly go about our business and do positive things that make, most times unknowingly, a difference to people’s lives.

Becoming a Freemason means that you are joining a global society of Men who appreciate that communities, large and small, need to work together, to support each other, to give assistance and relief, without expectation other than the self-satisfaction that you have “Done your best” Such my friend is Freemasonry, a band of Brothers, delighting in camaraderie, self-exploration, self-achievement and benevolence.



You’ll have to join to find out how we do it !!