The first part of each meeting typically deals with administrative matters, such as proposing new members, voting on financial matters, and dealing with correspondence. Following this, there are ceremonies for admitting new Masons, there are also presentations and lectures and (once a year) the appointment of the Master and officer.Below is a diagram of Masons Lodges, and they are all the same across the world.

The Festive Board is an important a part of any Masonic meeting, as is the work done in the Temple. It affords the Brethren the opportunity to enjoy the social side of Freemasonry as well as the more formal ritual side. That said, it must be remembered that the Festive Board is also a “formal” affair, with its structure and rules of deportment, although giving plenty of time for Brethren to chat amongst each other and enjoy each others’ company. After leaving the Temple the Brethren may well have a few minutes “refreshment” before the Director of Ceremonies calls them to take their places at the Festive Board. The announcement “To order, Brethren, to receive your Worshipful Master.” prompts the Brethren to applaud – in an enthusiastic and spontaneous manner. Traditions and practices of individual Lodges vary and are one of the aspects that make Freemasonry so interesting.

After the meeting we go to the Cooden Beach Gold club for our Festiveboard, here we have our evening meal with toasts and a raffle.