What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a much misunderstood organisation. Historically, it’s one the oldest non-religious, non-political fraternal organisations for men in the world.

If you asked a Freemason about Freemasonry you’ll soon discover that Freemasonry means different things to different people. The golden thread that runs through Freemasonry is that it is good people meeting together, enjoying each others company and raising vast sums of money for charities and good causes. Freemasonry has always been concerned with the welfare of orphans and the elderly.

The prime aspects of Freemasonry is that it teaches it’s members a great deal of self realisation and confidence by taking an active part in ceremonies and Lodge meetings. It also reinforces the strict moral code that all Freemasons are expected to have. We stand tall and confident in what we do, both in life and Freemasonry knowing that we are doing our best both by our our fellow members and society in general.

There is the old adage that Freemasonry will take a good man and make him better. As a society Freemasonry is made up of men who greatly prize their moral and spiritual values in life. The core of Freemasonry can be best identified by the virtues of integrity, honesty, kindness and fairness; all of which our members are encouraged to not only practice but promote.

Right from its earliest beginnings Freemasonry has had a strong charitable foundation, showing great concern for orphans, the sick and the elderly. This work continues today in earnest as well as large sums being donated to national and local charities. However, you will not see your local Freemason’s Lodge rattling charity tins outside your supermarket as we prefer a more discrete way of fundraising and making donations. The charity work is not about self promotion but purely driven by the sincere desire to help those around us who have not been as fortunate in life and need our support.

Becoming a Freemason means that you are joining a global society that takes its social obligations seriously. It’s not just about meeting up a few times a year and having a good time, although we do have a lot of fun. It is about giving something back to the society within which we all live. Understanding that there are plenty of people less fortunate than ourselves and doing the best that we can in making their lives better.